Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On her going away

She often talked of her mother

Dying on an auspicious day

I see as she breathes her own last

How much she can have her way

Her death isn’t quick in coming

The last three days an endless wait

As friends and family drop by

With Death waiting just outside the gate

Her face cradled in my arm

Her head resting on my thigh

We feel her slipping by

The ear strains for the final sigh

I just know I want my mother to live

The mind screams - Isn’t it too early to go?

But with her suffering so long

This will only be her relief we know

Death has a stealth in its final stride

Does she sense its fear?

She's left us. Left us...

too stunned for a single tear

Where next, I ask, will I see you mother?

Many a times in the years that follow

The eyes seek her from memories of the heart

The heart swells with the tears I swallow

Then I see her in my heart, and in the hearts of so many

Whose lives she has touched

Showing us whatever ordeal comes our way

Our spirit needn’t be crushed

In her life and in her death, she has shown

What it is to treasure, to retain the zest for life

To live with dignity and cheer

Come sorrow, pain or strife

It’s been twelve years you’ve been gone

But Death isn’t about taking away of lives

As your light lives in so many of us

It is in seeing your love of life

That our heart, our soul thrives

- Copyright Dipali Ekbote

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